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About Us

The whole concept of Silvios is freshly made sandwiches, this is true whether you are visiting one of our made to order or ready made (prepacked) branches. Unlike some of our competitors all our sandwiches are made fresh every day on site and not at a central processing unit. We never compromise on quality and we demand from every one of our suppliers the best quality products with daily deliveries on key lines to ensure the freshest supplies.

Food Safety
We have always taken very seriously all changes to the production and make up any foods we offer. By using only the best quality meats (Ham, Chicken, Beef) and top quality sausages in the past and today we feel totally confident about all the food we supply. More recently we have come across GM (genetically modified) foods, this is something which we as a company feel needs more investigation (to put all our minds at rest) specially after the earlier food problems linked to beef. We are therefore removing where possible all GM food stuffs from our fillings and salads. It is however very difficult at the moment to find out if some products contain GM food but with a recent change in the law the situation should become a lot clearer. We have asked all our suppliers to ensure that where possible any GM foodstuffs in their products should be replaced with an alternative. Customer Advice: Should the situation arise that a product we stock contains GM material and no alternative can be found we will continue to stock these items but a clear notice indicating the content of GM material will be made both in the branches and on the SOS.

The launch of our online ordering service (SOS) is the first of many ideas that will be reshaping the way many of us will be taking lunch in the millennium. There are also plans to add credit/ debit card payments online and a delivery option to the service will hopefully be available in the not too distant future.

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